Friday, 24 March 2017

The 3rd BIG surprise

1. Introduction

The other side was again stunned.

2017 is certainly NOT their year. We’re still in the 3rd month and they already have their third extremely unpleasant surprise.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

The McCanns have LOST

Textusa 21 Mar 2017, 17:25:00

Mr Amaral has won


“Indeferido” means rejected.

Now, we are curious as to what the reaction on the British media will be. Any bets?

Friday, 17 March 2017

Extreme backfiring

1. Introduction

Quoting ourselves on our last post “The McCann Trial”:

“To sum up a very long post, it [the complaint] was to have the McCanns continue to be perceived as being declared innocent by the Portuguese when government has to decide about granting or not Operation Grange further funds for the next fiscal year.”

And we learned this week that the UK government has granted Operation Grange further funding for the next 6 months.

Or, in practical terms, that it won’t take any action on the case until the complaint has been decided by the Portuguese Supreme Justice Court.

Friday, 10 March 2017


As there was no relevant activity in the Maddie case this week, we resume our birdwatching activity.

Watching eagles fly and ostriches run. Or in the Maddie case watching people wanting other people to believe that ostriches fly and eagles run.

When we feel we are to return we will.

Friday, 3 March 2017

The McCann trial

1. Introduction

Looking at the picture above, the man with a beard in the centre is holding a pitchfork. The woman a torch and the man behind an axe.  We are trying to be helpful. To let people know which is which.

People may not be aware but the McCann trial in Britain has begun and is taking place and from what we have witnessed, we think it’s best clarify what objects are involved in a lynching mob as we certainly don’t want to see people looking silly trying, for example, to light up a pitchfork.

Friday, 24 February 2017

The complaint

(Pic from here)

1. Introduction

On Saturday, Feb 18, we were surprised by Correio da Manhã, informing us all that the McCann legal team was requesting, or had requested the annulment of the ruling (acórdão) of the Supreme Justice Court because it considered it frivolous (leviano) “because it was not possible for the Public Prosecutor to obtain sufficient evidence of crimes by the appellants”.

We, like everyone else, were caught by surprise. The surprise being that we, like everyone else, thought the Supreme Justice Court ruling of Jan 31 2017, had put an end, once and for all, to all legal business of the McCann v Amaral trial as we said in our post “Square One”.

We even said that “this is the first time hearing of a Supreme Justice Court being contested”, that’s how surprised we were.

Friday, 17 February 2017


1. Facts

Daily Mail Alternative Fact: “These allegations were aired during the 2015 libel case in Portugal and it is important to point out that the blood traces were never identified as human”

FACT: It was considered proven by the 3 Portuguese courts, 1st Instance, Appeal and Supreme Justice that: “6. The dogs Eddie and Keela, from the British police, have detected human blood and cadaver scent in the apartment 5A of the Ocean Club.”

Daily Mail Alternative Fact: “As for the Irish couple Amaral cites, the man [Martin Smith] who was in his 70s admitted he was not wearing his glasses at the time”.

FACT: Martin Smith never of himself not wearing glasses. He twice makes a reference to glasses, when he states that the man he sees carrying the little girl is not wearing a pair and then of when he had seen Murat previously and he remembers that Robert Murat was not wearing glasses when he saw him that time.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Game changer

1. Introduction

Over 2 years ago, back in January 2015 we said in our post “To haste or not to haste” that “the McCann ship as of Wednesday is beyond repair. It took a fatal blow to its hull” and concluded that post with “the McCann ship is beyond repair. Impossible to recover. Impossible to whitewash”.

All this because on that Wednesday January 21 2015, the 1st Instance Court let us all know what it considered were the proven and the not proven facts of the case.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

McCanns NOT cleared

The sentence of the Supreme Justice Court of the McCann v Amaral Lisbon Trial has today been published on Projecto Justiça Gonçalo Amaral (PGJA) here.

We are waiting for the translation of the document that is being done there, which we here would like to immediately show our gratitude for.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Square One

 1. Introduction

Those who read us know that we’re rarely, if ever, optimistic. That doesn’t make us pessimistic. We like to have as a motto for our attitude to preclude the worst, hope for the best and prepare for the likely.

In the case of the Lisbon trial, the likely was the best. So we were prepared for it.

Friday, 13 January 2017


 1. Introduction

This post was going to be called “Corrugated Iron”. Instead we opted to call it “Games” because that is what we are witnessing being played in the Ben Needham case.

We repeat that this blog is about Maddie McCann and not about Ben Needham.

We have written about him whenever we consider it to be relevant to the Maddie case.

Ben deserves a separate blog.

We share our conclusions about his case privately and they are what makes us say that we believe that the official outcome in Ben’s case will have a direct impact in the official outcome in the Maddie one.

Friday, 9 December 2016

Christmas lights

1. Introduction

It’s Christmas time and in the majority of homes a Christmas tree is put up.

It’s indeed called a Christmas trees but it has no connection to Christianity other than the star some homes put on top of it and which is supposed to represent the one that guided the three Wise Men to Bethlehem.

But if one is not religious, one can always put a decorative star on the top and tell the children that it is what guides Santa Claus to their house.

All this to say that this is the time for Christmas tree decorations and lights to be expected.

Friday, 2 December 2016

To abuse abuse

1. Introduction 

This week we didn’t intend to write a post. South Yorkshire police was supposed to have had by the end of last month to conclude their investigation as to what happened to Ben Needham.

It didn’t and doesn’t seem to us to be a case of any extraordinary complexity taking into account that over a month ago they informed the world that it was their professional belief that Ben died as the victim of an accident near the farmhouse.

With only loose ends left to tie one would expect a swift conclusion, especially if one bases one’s assessment on the certainty shown by the South Yorkshire police on that Monday in October.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Found, Lost, Likely and Confession

1. Introduction

Last time we wrote we said we were stepping aside to watch how things would evolve in the Ben Needham case.

That we thought best that our silence would be the best option to avoid influencing in any way that particular outcome – and before the reader sends us any comments, we are already on our way to church to seek penitence for such a presumption of self-importance.

We continue to think the same way.